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Helping others

I offer my time and professional skills to animals in need of rehabilitation for rehoming. I volunteer with local reputable rescues to make dogs more adoptable.

January 2021
Working with recently purchased dog from broker showing fear and anxiety.

December 2020
Invited to assess shelter dog.

June 2020
Working with families whose unwanted dog behaviours have escalated during Covid-19 isolation. Working with foster home of a dog in care who is reactive on leash.

May 2020
Helped a parrot owner search for a lost bird. The bird was found.

March 2020
Writing a program to assist training at a satelite location for a small breed dog with a bite history.

March 2020
Consultation with owner of an aggressive parrot.

December 2019
Consultations with rescues who are caring for dogs with learned behaviours due to earlier human abuse.

November 2019
Assessments and training for recently imported dogs due to unreported temperament issues.

August 2019
Worked with family to find a suitable dog after their reports of horrible experiences with two importing rescues. Canine companion found.

August 2019
Consultation regarding dog bite with recently rehomed dog.

July 2019
Invited to assess shelter dog.

August 2018
Assessment and training for recently adopted shelter dog whose adoptors want to "do things right".

July 2018
Assessment and training for dog who is fearful and biting.

June 2018
Took into care a small breed dog who was in a dog selling group in Chilliwack and had been bounced around 7 homes in 2 weeks. Dog will get training and vet care before rehoming.

June 2018
Assessment of dog who chased Postie in his own yard.

April 2018
Assessment and training for a large breed dog in foster care.

March 2018
Consultation for a rehomed dog with reactivity.

December 2017
Consultation with Pets Matter regarding intake of dog.

November 2017
Fostering dog from multi-dog seizure to a shelter. He needed veterinary attention and rehabilitation prior to adoption.

October 2015
Adopted shelter dog showing severe reactivity. Assessment and training program offered.

August 2015
Assessment and training program for Okanagan Collie Rescue foster dog with guarding issues.

August 31, 2013
At a recent occurrence of dog-dumping at a local shelter, I volunteered my professional skills to care for the dogs through assessment, socialization, vet care, and interviewing potential foster homes.
The dogs are under-socialized, some have medical concerns, all are intact and many are extremely fearful.



August 20, 2013
New shelter dogs introduced to K9 Nose Work®... Trixie learns the game!


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Buddy (2005-2015)

Breed: English Springer Spaniel
Colour: Black and white
Age: Adult (approx 10 yrs)
Sex: Male neutered
Health: General health is good.
History: He was taken to a local shelter as a stray. Suffering from an aggressive pseudomonas aeruginosa bacterial infection in one ear, he has been on a regular veterinary regimen to fight this nasty condition.

He is now very happy that his pain has lessened. He is very reactive to treatment of his ear and it has become necessary to have him put under anesthetic to clean his ear and groom.

This dog will likely be a "forever foster".

(Posted April 1, 2012)



Updated Jun 27, 2020
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